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"Adopt-a-Project" - Big and Small


Whether it's Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout Troops, a couple of neighbors, or college students we have lots of amazing volunteers eager to help us out. In fact, one of our biggest challenges is being able to facilitate and channel the amazing energy of our volunteers. With this in mind, we have compiled this list of projects to get interested volunteers thinking about what they want to do. If you are interested in taking a leadership role to coordinate a project let us know! From there we can sort out additional volunteers, financial resources, logistical help and general collaboration.

So take a look below...if you see something you'd like to lead, send us an email and we can take it to the next level.

Environmental Education:

  • Build bird nesting houses, place them on GLT properties and register every house location with (The Cornell Lab of Ornithology). Then conduct annual nest count each spring and report data to NestWatch.
  • Develop programs for elementary age children that support the curriculum at Grafton Elementary Schools while visiting Grafton Land Trust properties.
  • Develop a geocaching adventure on GLT properties.
  • Create an interactive trail/nature guide for a trail
  • Write an article for our newsletter.

Maintain Open Space:

  • Hike your favorite trail and pick up sticks and trash, and report back the GLT if there are issues. Clear trees that have fallen on trails.
  • Build/repair a bridge over stream.
  • Work with the GLT for invasive plant identification and removal.
  • Develop, purchase (on our dime of course!), and install Kiosk at Gummerre Woods entrance.
  • Build bridge over muddy section on Gummere Woods (just near pine knoll)
  • Rebuild stone path along Fletcher Island trail for foot traffic.
  • Repair signage at Old Dawes Pond Property.

Office Help:

  • Help with periodic mailings.
  • Assist GLT Staff at Community barn with periodic mailings and other office tasks.